Confused about all the options available for life and health insurance? Worried about what you can afford?

Just a few years ago, so was I. Unfortunately, my mother did not take the right steps in time, we had to go through a family tragedy to learn the value and importance of insurance.

Today, my company, Diamond Financial, offers a complete package of life and health insurance policies to help individuals, families, and businesses protect their assets and income—ultimately helping to avoid life-changing catastrophic events. I choose only strong, reputable providers based on A.B. Best Company ratings and regular feedback from my clients.

My approach is consultative—I meet with you personally to help you select the right combination of insurance policies to enhance your financial stability and give you extra peace of mind.

Times are tough right now but the right insurance can really help. Let's meet soon so that I can learn more about your needs and help you discover the plan of insurance that fits the needs of you and your family.

Kathy S. Calton
Life & Health Insurance Broker
Diamond Financial, LLC